Sunday, June 14, 2009

musical theater fun!!!!!!

so like i said ive been in musical theater for the past 2 weeks! it has been a blast. but the sad part is that when everyone is friends and having a good ends! im gonna miss everyone that i met! im gonna miss waking up at 6:30am every morning for it. actually i wont miss that but still.

we had our performance saturday night at mesquite jr high! there was a nice turn out and it ended out well. we presented flowers to our teachers, one of them is my aunt and the other is her daughter. the teachers were awesome and they deserved the flowers they got. the sad thing is that this performance might have been the very last one. my aunt Linda is going on a mission to gauna, africa and 2 of the other teachers are retiring. that leaves my cousin angela to teach it by herself next summer. hopefully she will find some more teachers!

anyways...back to the performance, we rocked it!! i wish i would have had someone take a video... i barely managed to take a few pictures....

this one is of me and my cousin connor. i was supposed to be smiling but i got a little sidetracked talking to someone else. whoops!

this is kasey! it was so cute, she was crying at the end of the performance! you gotta love her!

hahaha this one is funny. this is jared. im related to him some how. funny kid...

thats me and connor again. we got cut off though! then ashlynn popped in! she's 10 and so cute!

well those are the pics that i got. i wanted to take more but there was no time. i didnt get any pictures of my awesome cousins braelyn and audrey!! we seriously had such a great time! if there's musical theater next year i will be the first one to sign up!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

what ive been doing

so on monday i started musical theater!! it is SO fun! im with my cousins and we sing and dance! what more could i ask for? we are doing some fun songs from musicals like hair, high school musical 3, godspell, and suessical. its been a blast!