Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cross country is over!!

time has been going crazy fast!! its already 2nd quarter! where did it all go? cross country is over!!! im happy yet sad. it was super fun, challenging and i got to be with my friends! i did pretty good during this season. The best place i ever got in a race was 8th place. we had our city meet last friday i got 21st (my lucky/fav #)!! there was like 150-200 girls racing against me, so i thought that was pretty good. of course it all wasnt fun and games. on our last meet before city, my friend heidi accidentally tripped me and i scraped my knee pretty bad. blood was gushing everywhere and i jammed my toe. it hurt. if i would have seen myself trip it would have been the funniest thing ever!

thats my shoe with all the blood on it. and the finger is my friend brittanys!
so yea its been pretty exciting. but now it is over.... sad day!! now i get to try out of basketball!!!!