Thursday, July 1, 2010

so much stuff!

okay so i havent posted in like forever!! so, im just going to say everything thats happened since my last post in bullet form!

  • my 4X800 team won city! :) i was the anchor! :) i got 2nd place in city in the 800 and 7th in the 2 mile! girls got 2nd in city and boys won!!
  • my chorus went to a festival where we earned a superior rating! :) that was a fun day!
  • 9th grade ENDED!! good bye stapley, hello mountain view! :)
  • SUMMER!!!!!!!!!
  • i went to my cabin with my cousins!
  • stake trek- awesome awesome awesome!!! i loved it!! i had the best family and parents! i gained a better testimony and had a swell time walking 19 miles!
  • california with my friend savanna!! we stayed in an awesome resort! it was sweet! one day, we went to DISNEYLAND!! :) which is one of my favorite places on earth! i loved it! we also went shopping and to coronado!
  • and just two days ago i got back from a 9 day trip to kansas!! it was so fun! i love my family! my sister is the best!! and my nephews and niece are the greatest! i seriously had the best time! i saw toy story 3 there and we went to an amusement park called worlds of fun! and let me tell you, it was worlds of fun! there were amazing roller coasters! it was so fun! haha except at the end i went on this huge roller coaster and i got so sick! it was horrible! but it was worth it! :) i hung out with my nephew and his friends a couple times and they are hilarious! anyways, that was such a great trip!
  • when im actually at home, i go to cross country for mountain view! i get up at 5 and run at 530! i run like 5.5 miles everyday! its so tiring buts its so worth it!
  • this weekend im going to girls camp! :)
  • and then the week after that EFY!! im so excited!!!
  • later in july i have cross country camp! it will be fun!

okay thats it! as you can see, this summer is insane!!!! im seriously so busy!! right now i gotta go get ready to see eclipse! hopefully it wont be too intense for me! haha k see ya!