Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Gahhh. My dumb computer is not letting me post any pictures!!! Since we got a new computer I thought that problem would be solved! But noooo. Anwayys. Life has been grrreat. Im done with my stupid english research paper/the debate that comes with it. YESS. Once that was over, a burden was lifted off my shoulders. Schools almost done. Isnt that crazzyy?! Im gonna party it up in the SUMMER! Track has been amazing! I've been running varsity (I dont even know how it happened) and it's been a blast! The thing with me and running though is that if it's hot outside, I'm dying and I wanna quit. Haha like yesterday, for example, it felt like 1000 degrees while I was running down the good ol' canal and I wanted to quit track. Not really though cuz I LOVE track and running! The heat gets to my mind and I become a crazy person. My face was bright red and people were looking at me like I was about to die (which I prolly was) but yeah. This week we get friday off and I'm super stoked!! And then it's Easter. I love Easter. We get to celebrate our Savior's Atonement for us. I'm goin to the Easter Pageant for mutual tomorrow! :) My goal is to stay awake for the whole thing. I know that sounds horrible but I cant help it!! I think every year that I go with my family, it's always on the day that I have lack of sleep cuz I always fall asleep curled up in blankets on my mom's lap. Cute huh? But really. I WILL stay awake for the whole thing if I have to have my friends punch me every 2 minutes. Well, thats all for now. Happy Almost Easter!!!