Saturday, April 17, 2010

wow its been forever!

it really has been so long since ive been on here! ive been so busy! spring break was amazing!!! tracie and her family came and we had a blast! quad riding, playing video games, pigging out, watching movies, and cracking ourselves up! haha i love my family! they are the funnest and funniest people ive ever been with!

track has been awesome!! i love it so much! im in it with all my friends and its so fun! ive really been pushing myself to do the best i can and ive had some good results! im on the 4X800 relay team! i have the fastest 800 time on my team! i have no idea how i do it! i just run! i also run the regular 800. i got 1st place in 2 meets for that race...and i run the 2 mile! i hate that one! i got 4th place just on thursday! we had 2nd most important meet of the season...poston vs. stapley! our boys won!! girls lost...79-52. we knew we were going to lose! poston girls are the best in the city! but we're 2nd best at least! a week from today is the CITY MEET!!! im so nervous!!!!!! im the anchor in the 4X800 relay and im also doing the 2 mile and 800! its going to be crazyyy! im so nervous!

last weekend, my mom was in kansas so i had a sleepover! :) me, hannah adams, and sage!! i love these girls! ive known them for basically as long as i can remember! they are hilarious and we are so crazy together! that pic is of me and sage at the orange patch! the 3 of us woke up and decided to ride to the orange patch. it was the last day it was open so it was perfect! we got some orange juice, candy, ice cream, and jerky! it was great! so yea my life has been pretty dang awesome! this has been the happiest ive ever been! :) i have amazing friends and i love them all!! there is only like a month left of school! its weird! im going to be a sophmore!! well, see ya later!