Sunday, August 8, 2010

So basically...

SCHOOL STARTS IN 3 DAYS!!!!! and not just any school....HIGHSCHOOL!!!! so this week i went to orientation at my new school MOUNTAIN VIEW (GO TOROS!) and it was super fun! i got to see everyone from stapley and see the new people im gonna be with for the next 3 years! the school is huge so im most likely going to get lost on the first day! im excited/scared for highschool! i know its going to be fun like everyone says, but i still dont know what to expect! and im scared of losing my friends from stapley in this big school! everyone reassures me that in highschool you keep your old friends and make new ones, but i have like no classes with my friends, how am supposed to stay friends with them? oh well, if they really are my friend we will stay friends! so ya thats my main worry. other than that, im fine!! its a big change in my life that ive been needing and i cant wait to get started! well maybe i can cuz im gonna miss summer so much!! this was the best summer of my life! well wish me luck in highschool!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

EFY 2010!!!!!!!