Thursday, December 17, 2009

did you know....

did you know that i am the secretary of sweater club? (this is me with my fellow sweater enthusiasts)

did you know that i love ivy olsen? she is such a great friend! im so excited to have seminary with her next semester! :) i am talking to her on the phone right now!

did you know christmas is a week away?? i love christmas!! and im so exicted for no school!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

quick update

im so excited! its officially Christmas time! this time of year makes me so happy! now an update of whats been going on with me. so after cross country ended, i tried out for basketball. i made the team!!!! its been super fun and im definitely improving. Thanksgiving was on thursday. my family came over and ate food. we've been out of school for a couple days...i dont know how im gonna get used to being in school again. we were only out for 5 days but it feels like longer than that! i want to add pictures but i really dont have any cuz my camera is broken. so yea thats whats been happening with me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cross country is over!!

time has been going crazy fast!! its already 2nd quarter! where did it all go? cross country is over!!! im happy yet sad. it was super fun, challenging and i got to be with my friends! i did pretty good during this season. The best place i ever got in a race was 8th place. we had our city meet last friday i got 21st (my lucky/fav #)!! there was like 150-200 girls racing against me, so i thought that was pretty good. of course it all wasnt fun and games. on our last meet before city, my friend heidi accidentally tripped me and i scraped my knee pretty bad. blood was gushing everywhere and i jammed my toe. it hurt. if i would have seen myself trip it would have been the funniest thing ever!

thats my shoe with all the blood on it. and the finger is my friend brittanys!
so yea its been pretty exciting. but now it is over.... sad day!! now i get to try out of basketball!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

the last month.....

um yea. i am lovin 9th grade!! so a lot has happened! first of all, school!!! it is awesome! seminary rocks! its like church everyday but way funner! also, i joined the cross country team. it has been pretty challenging yet pretty fun! we had our first meet on wednesday. i did better than i expected i would do. i got 26th out of 70 something people! it was cool! im also on the yearbook committee! me and my two friends are in charge of taking pictures for spirit days! its gonna be great!

and last but not least my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! i turned 14!!! i had a rockin party and got a NEW CELL PHONE. it was great!! so yea ive had some good times this last month! im excited for whats ahead!

Friday, July 31, 2009

girls camp & schools getting closer!

I haven't posted in awhile now. I'm really bored right now so I decided to I would post right now. I recently got back from girls camp!! it was a fun and spiritual experience! i brought my camera to take some pics but i didnt take any until the last night there. Here are all the girls and YCL's in our cabin:

it was a fun group! that is basically the only picture i got at camp! so i said i would post pics of the kansas trip so here they are.

Here is Dallin, Lindsay, and Spencer at Fritz's. It is a restaurant that is based on trains and your food is delivered by these little trains! it is pretty cool!

Here is Porter and Cassie H. at Fritz's. (Dallin is in the background with is train hat that he got)

These next pictures are made out of legos! they are crazy!!

I love this picture! The next pic is of Tanner the day we left! It was so sad!

So yea thats it! it was fun! TOMORROW IS 9TH GRADE!!!!! i am so excited!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

summer activites of me

SO. i've been dreading to post cuz its gonna be a long post. so last time i said i finished musical theater. the next week i started basketball. it was pretty fun and ended to quickly. that friday, june 19th, we left for kansas.

In Kansas, we had a blast! we swam one day, went to kansas city the next, and another day we went boating on the private lake my sister tracie lives on! we went tubing and knee boarding. i accidentally broke their knee board. whoops.... it was awesome! in between all that we went to baseball/softball games for my nephews and neice. it was so hot and humid out there! we also saw the movie up. it was so funny! all in all, it was an unforgetable time!

when we got back from kansas i was pretty bored. it was the first time that i actually didnt have anything to do that week . for 4th of july we went to my cabin. i brought my friend celeste with me. we went to the parade and rodeo in eager/sprierville, az. it was pretty cool.

now im back to doing nothing. i'll post pics from my kansas trip later! happy summer!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

musical theater fun!!!!!!

so like i said ive been in musical theater for the past 2 weeks! it has been a blast. but the sad part is that when everyone is friends and having a good ends! im gonna miss everyone that i met! im gonna miss waking up at 6:30am every morning for it. actually i wont miss that but still.

we had our performance saturday night at mesquite jr high! there was a nice turn out and it ended out well. we presented flowers to our teachers, one of them is my aunt and the other is her daughter. the teachers were awesome and they deserved the flowers they got. the sad thing is that this performance might have been the very last one. my aunt Linda is going on a mission to gauna, africa and 2 of the other teachers are retiring. that leaves my cousin angela to teach it by herself next summer. hopefully she will find some more teachers!

anyways...back to the performance, we rocked it!! i wish i would have had someone take a video... i barely managed to take a few pictures....

this one is of me and my cousin connor. i was supposed to be smiling but i got a little sidetracked talking to someone else. whoops!

this is kasey! it was so cute, she was crying at the end of the performance! you gotta love her!

hahaha this one is funny. this is jared. im related to him some how. funny kid...

thats me and connor again. we got cut off though! then ashlynn popped in! she's 10 and so cute!

well those are the pics that i got. i wanted to take more but there was no time. i didnt get any pictures of my awesome cousins braelyn and audrey!! we seriously had such a great time! if there's musical theater next year i will be the first one to sign up!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

what ive been doing

so on monday i started musical theater!! it is SO fun! im with my cousins and we sing and dance! what more could i ask for? we are doing some fun songs from musicals like hair, high school musical 3, godspell, and suessical. its been a blast!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Rylee Rae Nichols was born on May 30, 2009 to Justin and Kayli Nichols. She was 6 pounds and 20 inches long. We went and saw them in the hospital today. Then we went home and got a rocking chair to take to their house. It looked nice! I'm so excited for them and Rylee!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the end

I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of school!!! im going to be a freshman!!!! crazy! im soo excited for summer! but im sad that i wont see everyone for a long time! im gonna bring my camera tomorrow to take tons of pics. 8th grade was probly one of my best years. i made new friends and had some great times with all of my friends! im gonna miss it, but im still really excited for next year!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

getting off task......

right now im supposed to be doing my english homework, but......i got a little distracted. im doing a project with my 2 friends darby and tatum (love you guys!) about india (hindu) mythology. it's pretty hard to find information on some of the stuff so right now im pretty much stuck.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

go to the bottom

go to the bottom of my blog.

I didn't want to put my whole family cuz that would've taken so much room! so i just did my bros and sisters!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing has really been going on lately. i had an ortho appointment today. my orthodonist (my cousin) told me that i will be getting my braces off soon. like in november! im so happy about that! also SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! it seriously is going to end soon, and i am soo happy. i just need a break! we might go to kansas this summer. that would be cool!

its been getting so hot here lately!! i went swimming at my friend celeste's house yesterday and today. it is so refreshing! well thats it for now!

Monday, April 6, 2009


FLORIDA (maybe)
who knows what else?!?


Saturday, March 21, 2009

spring break overview

What a week!! it was so fun! tracie and her family (tracie, darren, porter, mason, lindsay, spencer, tanner) came late last friday night. we had such great times! on monday we went to this train park in scottsdale and rode the little train there. on st. patricks day i spent most of the day riding quads and later we went to fountain hills to see the green fountain. on wednesday, we went to a resort in scottsdale and went swimming. then, that night, porter and I went to my cousins, tyler and kaylee's, house. we played 007 and ate pizza and just talked. it was so fun!! on thursday, our whole family went to mesquite wash to ride quads. i got soo sun burnt! i have a huge farmers tan on my arms! yesterday, me, porter, cameron, lindsay, and spencer made a video. it was a talk show that porter and i were the hosts. we had interviews and commercials. it turned out really funny! last night me, natalie, and porter stayed up until 3am to make the most of the time left to be with them. they left at around 10:30 this morning. this house is so empty and sad. i miss them already. today i went shopping and got a new church outfit. well i better go! im so not excited for school!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

things that have been happening.

yes it has been awhile since i have posted so i kinda have a lot to say. well first is a pic of me and lacey. she's only like 5 days old in this pic so she loooks different, but still so cute and small.

next......I GOT A PHONE!!!! yep its my sister's old phone...its kinda a long story how i got it and the conditions and stuff but yea.
on tuesday it was my chorus concert! it was so fun!!!! i got my friend heidi to take pictures for me so here are some of them!

these are my girls!! we are the advanced girls choir at my school. im not in this pic but a lot of my friends are!

another shot.

this is the advanced mixed choir that im going to be in next year! its going to be so fun!

and finally my side of the stage! im an alto! its so fun! thats us sitting down while someone was doing a solo. i was just sitting there lauging at heidi taking the pics!
so yea, my life is fun! this weekend is going to be soo fun! its lehi days!!! lehi days is this rodeo and dance my stake does every year at my church building! its a blast! then after the rodeo on saturday im going to a family party and i get to see my cousins that i miss so much!!! yep im really excited! talk to ya later!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new niece!!!

Cassie had her baby today!!!!! her name is Lacey Kay Lee. she is so cute!!! i will post pics of her when i get some!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pics that i took when i was bored

these are just a few of my pictures i took that day. i took probly like 20. i love how you can see part of my toes on the last pic.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh how i hate being sick.

yes i am sick. it is horrible!! i left school early on wednesday and i stayed home today. another thing that stinks about it is i am one of the news anchors on our annoncements this week. i really want to go to school tomorrow! (that is a rare thing for me to say!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

february and football

I did this picture a couple years ago on paint. haha i guess i was just as bored then as i am now!
*no, i didnt draw the cupid, i just got it of the internet*
guess what! i actually watched the super bowl!! if you know me, you know i dont watch football, and i always found it quite boring, but since the cardinals were in it, I decided to watch it. believe it or not, i actually liked it! i never knew football was so intense! i was dying after the cards made that last touchdown with 2:00 mins. left and then the steelers got another one! i was going crazy! i didnt know football could do that! so ive decided i like football. HAPPY FEBRUARY!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


here it is a week later from my last post. yes it actually did work! i did all my homework and had a postive attitude about it (even though there was a lot!). i even did my homework today (saturday, which i never do!) anywayys yea im gonna try to keep it up! so theres nothing really that interesting going on in my life right now...cassies going to have her baby any day now! thats exciting! but thats about it. boringgg. bye!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

gettin back in the groove

it has officially hit me. the second semester is here. yea i know, its been here for 3 weeks but i haven't been paying attention. i have been really lazy and tired all the time. normally when i have homework i will work on it and not go to bed until i'm done, but for these last few weeks i've been like half way through my math homework and i'll just be like "oh i'll do it when i wake up." YEA RIGHT. another thing is that its getting harder. thats half the reason why im not doing it. i get it, but since its getting harder it requires more work, which i dont feel like doing. so tomorrow is monday i am making it my goal that i will get all my homework done this week and hopefully for the rest of the year! wish me luck!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

more pics

pic #1- this is me at the go kart place. dont i look lovely? (i think not!) we had to wear hair nets! pic#2- this is mom and the cutest baby everrr! (tanner!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 pics (more to come)

Pic #1 is a pic of everyone staying in the Haddock home. There is 3 extra people in this picture so that makes 20 people!

Pic #2 is my cute neice Lindsay in her baptism dress.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

kansas = craziness (sorry this is a really long post!)

the title pretty much explains my trip. yes it definatly was. try 17 people living in one house? actually that doesnt sound that bad....anyways lets start with the drive.

24 hours
thats all im going to say about that........

ok before i start this week full of activities im going to say all the people living in the house while we were there. tracie, my oldest sister, her husband darren, porter (13), mason (10), lindsay (8), spencer (5), tanner (11 mos.), darrens dad dave, his mom ellen, his brother larry,his sister cassie, my mom, my dad, me, dallin, justin, and kayli. count em!
we arrived at the house at approx. 7:00 am. hugs all around! that day was basically the day where we settled down and relaxed. i stayed up pretty late with porter. he didnt inform me that church was at 9:00 the next morning.
sunday- i slept in until 8:20. so i had about 20 minutes to take a shower, get ready, and eat. i did all that except for the eating part. so i get to church and i realized that my shirt was on backwards!! it wasnt that bad though because it was just a plain black long sleeved shirt. i changed it back after sacrament meeting.

7 hours later is lindsays baptism. i had to do a musical number with kayli, cassie, and allison (another of darrens sisters). the baptism was nice and had yummy treats afterwards. we also took a huge family pic.
monday- we played around all day until 2:00 when cassie finally got everyone to get going. we decided to go to kansas' state capital. it is a very big building. it is the 3rd biggest state capital in the united states i think. the crew that were able to, decided to climb to the top of the capital. in case you didnt know, this building is very tall, i dont know exactly how tall but it is tall. you climb up these stairs to the top and they are soo scary! they are suspended and you are high up looking down on this dome made of glass. you get to the top and you go through this hatch and you are at the top. you can see the whole city of topeka. it was very neat and scary! that night we went to cici's pizza and we also bought a nintendo 64. (you will see the importance of this later)
tuesday- this day contained a lot of playing super smash bros on nintendo 64. when we were finally done, we drove an hour to kansas city to do go karts. it was really fun. i kept on running into my mom. after that we went to a barbeque place that was really yummy. then we went home and the gamers (me porter and justin) played some more super smash brothers until 3 am. (see what i mean, we were obsessed. people were getting tired of that game)
wed- new years eve was a day that was planned for playing games and eating which is basically what we did. of course we played super smash bros, but we also played other games. that night i went with porter and his friends to a hockey game. it was kinda weird cuz i was the only girl, and the other girls that were there didnt even pay attention to me. so i was stuck with the boys. when we got home we played trivial pursuit (love that game!). we just stayed up till 12 said happy 2009 and thats about it, not that special.
thursday- sleep in day of america as i say. darrens family had left early that moring so since we all were sleeping no one really told them good bye. later, me, tracie, mom, justin, and kayli went to payless to get some shoes. i couldnt find any i liked though. later, we drove to kansas city again. we went to this place called crown center. it is a big mall that has a nice hotel hooked onto hit. yea i said it a mall and nice hotel. i was in heaven! i want to stay there sooo bad! so when we got back to the car and started driving to a restaurant i felt sick. like stomach sick. i was dying, well not really but still. we got to the burger place and i laid down. i felt horrible. then i ran to the bathroom and threw up. i felt a little better after that. after everyone ate, we went to liberty jail. i stayed in the car and laid down cuz i wasnt feeling good. i was getting cold though so i went inside. it was a cool place and you could see where joseph smith actually was. after that we had to drop kayli off at the airport. i threw up again in a cup. sorry this is probly grossing you out. when we got home i threw up again, twice. we watched a movie then i was in bed.
friday- i woke up feeling better but my body was sore for some reason. we packed up our things, said bye to everyone, and left. this day was spent driving the whole time.
we arrived home at 3:30 in the morning. this time it took us 19 hours. 5 hours less than last time, not so bad.
well thats about it, it was a very fun trip! no snow though, i was hoping for that. anyways, i hope i didnt bore you all to death with this ultra long post. i'll post pics later.