Sunday, December 19, 2010

4 dAyS

4 days until my sister's family comes!!!! We're going to be busy....

  • laughing
  • playing video games (super smash 4 life)
  • staying up all night (well, 3am but thats close enough!)
  • running around the house screaming
  • watching movies
  • quading
  • eating delishhhh food
  • playing basketball
  • telling stories
  • making videos
  • dancing
  • singing
  • trampoline jumping
  • playing games


Sunday, December 5, 2010

My conclusion

Lately, I've been reading other peoples blogs a lot (stalkerish, I know). I like how people just come out and speak their mind. I guess thats kinda hard for me to do and if you read my past posts its mostly just stuff like "Cross country was so fun!! I love my family!! I'm so excited for this and that..." I dont really say what I feel and think. Thats why I love looking at my friends' blogs cuz they just say whatever comes to mind. And thats what I need to do!!

First, I'd like to start with my testimony. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on this earth today. I know Joseph Smith restored it and I know he truly was a prophet. I'm very very grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I'm grateful for the powers repentence and forgiveness. I'm grateful for the church in my life and the examples of good friends and family.

I've come to a conclusion that my new goal is to be more consistant with speaking my mind and writing on this blog more often!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

I want these in my yard...

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

So I just got in this crazy holiday mood! Im so SO so SO so excited for Christmas!!! I had my choir concert this past week and singing those Christmas songs have gotten me in the mood! We have our Christmas lights up, but still no tree!! We usually put it up the first of december but its been so busy and crazy around here that we havent gotten it yet! We always get real trees♥! They smell sooo goood! Also, our house is barely decorated! Right now i just feel like taking out all our decorations and putting them up! Maybe I should get off the computer and go do that! Catch ya later!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Me and Karli after the Twilight Invitational! She got 14th and I got 15th!

City meet-6th place-I'm the one in the middle

Cross country was so fun!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

life is grrreat!

Mountain view is amazing. seriously. I've been so incredibly busy that i havent had time to post! my life is a pattern. wake up at 445, run, school, dinner, homework, bed. Other stuff is squeezed in there, but thats basically the jist of it! At school ive met so many cool and awesome people! I still see my old friends at lunch and stuff so it isnt as bad as i was afraid it was going to be! Ive had 3 cross country meets so far... the first one i got 28th place out of 200 somethin girls! haha the second meet i got 2nd out of probably 100(?) girls. and the meet last saturday i got 19th out of 300 plus girls! these are all jv races! i love the meets! they are so fun! and i love my team! theres about 100 people on it but its still a huge family! Oh ya i totally forgot to mention that im 15 now!!! my birthday was super good! i didnt have a party this year but thats okay. i just spent it with my family and got a ton of birthday wishes at school! it was a great day! :) anyways...thats about it! GO TOROS!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

So basically...

SCHOOL STARTS IN 3 DAYS!!!!! and not just any school....HIGHSCHOOL!!!! so this week i went to orientation at my new school MOUNTAIN VIEW (GO TOROS!) and it was super fun! i got to see everyone from stapley and see the new people im gonna be with for the next 3 years! the school is huge so im most likely going to get lost on the first day! im excited/scared for highschool! i know its going to be fun like everyone says, but i still dont know what to expect! and im scared of losing my friends from stapley in this big school! everyone reassures me that in highschool you keep your old friends and make new ones, but i have like no classes with my friends, how am supposed to stay friends with them? oh well, if they really are my friend we will stay friends! so ya thats my main worry. other than that, im fine!! its a big change in my life that ive been needing and i cant wait to get started! well maybe i can cuz im gonna miss summer so much!! this was the best summer of my life! well wish me luck in highschool!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

EFY 2010!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

so much stuff!

okay so i havent posted in like forever!! so, im just going to say everything thats happened since my last post in bullet form!

  • my 4X800 team won city! :) i was the anchor! :) i got 2nd place in city in the 800 and 7th in the 2 mile! girls got 2nd in city and boys won!!
  • my chorus went to a festival where we earned a superior rating! :) that was a fun day!
  • 9th grade ENDED!! good bye stapley, hello mountain view! :)
  • SUMMER!!!!!!!!!
  • i went to my cabin with my cousins!
  • stake trek- awesome awesome awesome!!! i loved it!! i had the best family and parents! i gained a better testimony and had a swell time walking 19 miles!
  • california with my friend savanna!! we stayed in an awesome resort! it was sweet! one day, we went to DISNEYLAND!! :) which is one of my favorite places on earth! i loved it! we also went shopping and to coronado!
  • and just two days ago i got back from a 9 day trip to kansas!! it was so fun! i love my family! my sister is the best!! and my nephews and niece are the greatest! i seriously had the best time! i saw toy story 3 there and we went to an amusement park called worlds of fun! and let me tell you, it was worlds of fun! there were amazing roller coasters! it was so fun! haha except at the end i went on this huge roller coaster and i got so sick! it was horrible! but it was worth it! :) i hung out with my nephew and his friends a couple times and they are hilarious! anyways, that was such a great trip!
  • when im actually at home, i go to cross country for mountain view! i get up at 5 and run at 530! i run like 5.5 miles everyday! its so tiring buts its so worth it!
  • this weekend im going to girls camp! :)
  • and then the week after that EFY!! im so excited!!!
  • later in july i have cross country camp! it will be fun!

okay thats it! as you can see, this summer is insane!!!! im seriously so busy!! right now i gotta go get ready to see eclipse! hopefully it wont be too intense for me! haha k see ya!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

wow its been forever!

it really has been so long since ive been on here! ive been so busy! spring break was amazing!!! tracie and her family came and we had a blast! quad riding, playing video games, pigging out, watching movies, and cracking ourselves up! haha i love my family! they are the funnest and funniest people ive ever been with!

track has been awesome!! i love it so much! im in it with all my friends and its so fun! ive really been pushing myself to do the best i can and ive had some good results! im on the 4X800 relay team! i have the fastest 800 time on my team! i have no idea how i do it! i just run! i also run the regular 800. i got 1st place in 2 meets for that race...and i run the 2 mile! i hate that one! i got 4th place just on thursday! we had 2nd most important meet of the season...poston vs. stapley! our boys won!! girls lost...79-52. we knew we were going to lose! poston girls are the best in the city! but we're 2nd best at least! a week from today is the CITY MEET!!! im so nervous!!!!!! im the anchor in the 4X800 relay and im also doing the 2 mile and 800! its going to be crazyyy! im so nervous!

last weekend, my mom was in kansas so i had a sleepover! :) me, hannah adams, and sage!! i love these girls! ive known them for basically as long as i can remember! they are hilarious and we are so crazy together! that pic is of me and sage at the orange patch! the 3 of us woke up and decided to ride to the orange patch. it was the last day it was open so it was perfect! we got some orange juice, candy, ice cream, and jerky! it was great! so yea my life has been pretty dang awesome! this has been the happiest ive ever been! :) i have amazing friends and i love them all!! there is only like a month left of school! its weird! im going to be a sophmore!! well, see ya later!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First of all,


i got them off almost a month ago, but ive been busy so i havent had time to put a picture on. Next,

Basketball is over.... sad!! :(
that team was like my family and now it feels like we're separated!
It's okay though cuz now i have...TRACK!!!! I'm so excited! It is so fun!!! its like all my cross country team plus people from basketball plus basically everyone else! it is awesome! we had our first meet on thursday. we dominated 111-16. ya i know we're good! just kidding, we kind of had a huge advantage seeing as their team only had 6 girls on it. but still, we are awesome!
School has been fun. just the same ol homework every night. 3rd quarter is ending in 2 weeks! its crazy! then it will be spring break which im SOOOO excited for it cuz my sister and her family are coming down again! im gonna party all spring break with my nephews and neices! and hopefully i'll have a cousins party! so yeah pretty much my life is "good, really good" (nacho libre quote) well, i'd better go! peace out!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


HAPPY 2010!!!!

I havent posted in forever cuz my life has been crazy and fast! its weird, it seems like Christmas was 2 weeks ago but it was like a month ago. that went by like a blink of an eye! hey that rhymed! anyways so for christmas i got a camera a basketball, and some clothes.

its pretty awesome! ive been taking pictures with it and using it a lot.

As far as basketball goes...lets just say we havent been doing as well as we should. we've lost our last six games!!! its pretty sad. we only have four games left and hopefully we'll win at least ONE of them!

I'm going to add pictures later cuz i gotta go right now!!!