Thursday, May 29, 2008


I just got my braces on yesterday! They hurt like crap! They are purple just like my cast. When they were putting them on they had this cheek pincher thingy and it was pulling my lips and cheeks out of the way. It was on for like 20mins when it was really supposed to be on for like 10 mins. UGH. my mom took a pic of me on her disposable camera. cant wait to see what that looks like!


BritanniaYSA said...

This is Hayley, Cassie's friend from BYU. I met you a few times, but you were really small!

I found your blog from Cassie's blog!

I love it! I hate braces. They realllly hurt the first day. But it's fun to change the colors of them every once in a while!

Ivy :-) said...

Heeyyy! I went 2 Kylies blog and I found your's! It is soooo adoreable! Plus I love your broken arm story :-)

Anonymous said...

Its your cousin Coco. I am sorry you have to get braces, not to fun. But it will pay off in the long run! About the picture, my mom got a video of Dallas when he got his so no worries, its a mom thing!

Bobbi Jo said...

Sorry about the braces but, Coco is right they are so worth the beautiful smile in the end. I got lucky I got invisaline but I am old so it didn't matter so much. And yes I did take a video of Dallas and pictures to scrap. Hope you are doing well. I love the blog. Stay in touch!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo