Sunday, August 17, 2008


well schools officialy back in session! i was very excited to get back to stapley! but after my first day of 8th grade i wasnt as excited anymore. just all the work that i will be doing got me tired just thinking about it! besides that, im still glad to be back and see everyone. about the colorado trip... im not gonna write anymore cuz it took too long last time but if you reallly want me to i guess i will. anyways i'll keep ya posted of any other news! 2 weeks until my 13th birthday!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

colorado trip!! part 1

hey everyone! well the good news is i got my camera back!! the bad news is i lost the cord to plug it in the camera!! so this amazing tale will not have any visualizations for it!

anyways... so my family and my sister tracies family go on vacations together every summer. this year we decided to go to colorado (again!). we booked the resort that we stayed in the previous time we were there. on saturday july 19th we packed our bags, loaded the car, and left heading north to colorado at 5:30 am. if you know my mom, you know she's not very good with directions. so she left the responsibily of navigating to natalie and me. we had mapquest to help us so it wasnt so bad. i went in the back of the car and took a nice 3 hour nap and when i woke up we were in flagstaff.

then we reached a small town called kayenta. we stopped for lunch. it was only 10:30 but we were hungry. mom bought a burrito for terra and told me to give it to her. how am i supposed to do that?!? for those of you who dont know terra she as cerebral pulsy... i wont explain the whole thing but the bottom line is she needs help getting fed cuz she cant feed her self. so we're in the car and she wants me to break up a burrito and give it to terra! and wipe her mouth which has drool coming out of it! after that i was done so i put on a movie (star wars episode 2) and relaxed. natalie wanted a nap in the back so i was given the job of finding the turnoff for another highway. i read the sign and it said not for another 30 miles. so i just watched the movie. 45 miles later i notice signs for the town page. we were supposed to turn a long time ago! we turned around, found the turnoff, and started heading the right direction. i felt bad cuz i had led us in the wrong direction.

an hour later we were in utah! almost halfway done with the journey! we turned left heading east like mapquest said. we saw a sign that said welcome to colorado. we werent supposed to be in colorado yet!! map quest was wrong! so yet again we turned around and went back the right way. that time wasnt my fault at least! we stopped for dinner (nasty mcdonalds!) at 4:00 in the town of montecello and then continued our journey. we saw our exit finally and went on the I 70 east. we crossed into colorado at the right time! natalie had to go to the bathroom and we couldnt find a gas station so we stopped at a kohls! haha we looked crappy but hey its not like we'll ever see those people again! now that we were in colorado we just had to stay on this highway for a couple hours until we exit on exit 205.

at about 9:30 we saw our exit and got off. about 30 miles in i saw a sign for a town called kremling and i had no idea where that was. i looked on the map and it was not on the highway we were supposed to be on. we were gonna turn around but we just decided to get to the town to see if we could get directions. when we pull into the gas station we saw a sign that said granby 27 miles. granby! thats the town where our resort was! how in the world that happened i have no idea but we were saved. by this time it was almost 11 and we were really tired.

we got to our resort when we realized that we had no food for the next day (sunday) so we had to get groceries. of course none of the stores were open at that time so we had to go to 7 11 gas station where we got enough food for sunday and monday morning so that we could go shopping again on monday. anyways we got the groceries and then went to our resort. the resort was huge! there was like 5 small resorts in it that made it so big! we couldnt find which one was ours. we finally found it. its 12:30 am, we were beat! as soon as we got in there. we all sunk to our beds! man what a day!

we woke up the next day feeling way tired. we found a church in the little book and we went. we had no idea where it was but we knew what street it was on so that helped a little. amazingly, we found it! we only went to the first hour of church. then we went back to the resort for some sleep! well this was part 1 of our amazing trip... i hope i didnt bore you with this long story! stay tuned for part 2!!