Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the pic showed up!

well as you can see this is brooke white! she is so pretty and nice! the other kid is some random kid!

Friday, October 3, 2008


umm yea sorry the picture didnt download!! ugh!!!!! i will try again!

celebrity meeting

do any of you recognize this person? well you should if you are a big american idol fan (like me!) if you dont know who this is it's brooke white! i met her this past saturday at milanos music store! she is so pretty and nice! there was a long line to see her but we waited! i snapped this pics while waiting in line. its a good thing cuz by the time we were almost up to her an announcer said that she didnt have enough time to take pictures with people so all we could do was get her autograph. we walked up to her, said hey, she autographed the paper, and then it was over. i wish i could have talked to her and asked a question. oh well at least i met her! then that night she had a free concert and i went. she was really good! well thats all for now! i will try to put more pics on here so that it wont be so boring!