Sunday, January 25, 2009

gettin back in the groove

it has officially hit me. the second semester is here. yea i know, its been here for 3 weeks but i haven't been paying attention. i have been really lazy and tired all the time. normally when i have homework i will work on it and not go to bed until i'm done, but for these last few weeks i've been like half way through my math homework and i'll just be like "oh i'll do it when i wake up." YEA RIGHT. another thing is that its getting harder. thats half the reason why im not doing it. i get it, but since its getting harder it requires more work, which i dont feel like doing. so tomorrow is monday i am making it my goal that i will get all my homework done this week and hopefully for the rest of the year! wish me luck!!!!


Bobbi Jo said...

Great goal to set. I wish you the best of luck. Ask Heavenly Father to help you and you will be able to succeed.
I was one of those weird kids that liked school and homework. To this day I love learning new things and applying them when I can. Keep up with the CAN DO attitude and you will be successful. Keep us posted! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

nate and amy crandell said...

You can do it HannaH! you really are the smartest person ever!!! :)