Friday, July 31, 2009

girls camp & schools getting closer!

I haven't posted in awhile now. I'm really bored right now so I decided to I would post right now. I recently got back from girls camp!! it was a fun and spiritual experience! i brought my camera to take some pics but i didnt take any until the last night there. Here are all the girls and YCL's in our cabin:

it was a fun group! that is basically the only picture i got at camp! so i said i would post pics of the kansas trip so here they are.

Here is Dallin, Lindsay, and Spencer at Fritz's. It is a restaurant that is based on trains and your food is delivered by these little trains! it is pretty cool!

Here is Porter and Cassie H. at Fritz's. (Dallin is in the background with is train hat that he got)

These next pictures are made out of legos! they are crazy!!

I love this picture! The next pic is of Tanner the day we left! It was so sad!

So yea thats it! it was fun! TOMORROW IS 9TH GRADE!!!!! i am so excited!!


nate and amy crandell said...

I can't believe your going to be in 9th grade!!! It's really fun you'll love it.