Thursday, September 23, 2010

life is grrreat!

Mountain view is amazing. seriously. I've been so incredibly busy that i havent had time to post! my life is a pattern. wake up at 445, run, school, dinner, homework, bed. Other stuff is squeezed in there, but thats basically the jist of it! At school ive met so many cool and awesome people! I still see my old friends at lunch and stuff so it isnt as bad as i was afraid it was going to be! Ive had 3 cross country meets so far... the first one i got 28th place out of 200 somethin girls! haha the second meet i got 2nd out of probably 100(?) girls. and the meet last saturday i got 19th out of 300 plus girls! these are all jv races! i love the meets! they are so fun! and i love my team! theres about 100 people on it but its still a huge family! Oh ya i totally forgot to mention that im 15 now!!! my birthday was super good! i didnt have a party this year but thats okay. i just spent it with my family and got a ton of birthday wishes at school! it was a great day! :) anyways...thats about it! GO TOROS!!