Saturday, August 13, 2011

It has begun...

Yep, school is back. I'm now a junior. I'm not gonna lie, this year is gonna be DIFFICULT. But everyone says that junior year is always the hardest so it's not like I wasn't warned. I have a pretty loaded schedule with 7 classes plus cross country before and after school. It's safe to say I'm quite the busy person. My motto this year: Live life one day at a time. With a busy schedule I tend to stress out over every little thing very easily. This year I'm just gonna try to slow down, breathe, and worry about all my stresses for that day on that day rather than stressing about what I have to do the next day or the day after that. Does that make sense? This is kinda hard to explain but it makes sense in my head! Haha so I hope it works! Wish me luck!

P.S. my 16th bday is in 18 days!!


Ivy said...

Okay 1. That motto is genius. I am going to steal it from you. 2. Icant WAIT for you to turn sixteen and 3. I miss you like crazy! It's been way too long, let's hang soon. Love ya!