Saturday, January 31, 2009


here it is a week later from my last post. yes it actually did work! i did all my homework and had a postive attitude about it (even though there was a lot!). i even did my homework today (saturday, which i never do!) anywayys yea im gonna try to keep it up! so theres nothing really that interesting going on in my life right now...cassies going to have her baby any day now! thats exciting! but thats about it. boringgg. bye!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

gettin back in the groove

it has officially hit me. the second semester is here. yea i know, its been here for 3 weeks but i haven't been paying attention. i have been really lazy and tired all the time. normally when i have homework i will work on it and not go to bed until i'm done, but for these last few weeks i've been like half way through my math homework and i'll just be like "oh i'll do it when i wake up." YEA RIGHT. another thing is that its getting harder. thats half the reason why im not doing it. i get it, but since its getting harder it requires more work, which i dont feel like doing. so tomorrow is monday i am making it my goal that i will get all my homework done this week and hopefully for the rest of the year! wish me luck!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

more pics

pic #1- this is me at the go kart place. dont i look lovely? (i think not!) we had to wear hair nets! pic#2- this is mom and the cutest baby everrr! (tanner!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 pics (more to come)

Pic #1 is a pic of everyone staying in the Haddock home. There is 3 extra people in this picture so that makes 20 people!

Pic #2 is my cute neice Lindsay in her baptism dress.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

kansas = craziness (sorry this is a really long post!)

the title pretty much explains my trip. yes it definatly was. try 17 people living in one house? actually that doesnt sound that bad....anyways lets start with the drive.

24 hours
thats all im going to say about that........

ok before i start this week full of activities im going to say all the people living in the house while we were there. tracie, my oldest sister, her husband darren, porter (13), mason (10), lindsay (8), spencer (5), tanner (11 mos.), darrens dad dave, his mom ellen, his brother larry,his sister cassie, my mom, my dad, me, dallin, justin, and kayli. count em!
we arrived at the house at approx. 7:00 am. hugs all around! that day was basically the day where we settled down and relaxed. i stayed up pretty late with porter. he didnt inform me that church was at 9:00 the next morning.
sunday- i slept in until 8:20. so i had about 20 minutes to take a shower, get ready, and eat. i did all that except for the eating part. so i get to church and i realized that my shirt was on backwards!! it wasnt that bad though because it was just a plain black long sleeved shirt. i changed it back after sacrament meeting.

7 hours later is lindsays baptism. i had to do a musical number with kayli, cassie, and allison (another of darrens sisters). the baptism was nice and had yummy treats afterwards. we also took a huge family pic.
monday- we played around all day until 2:00 when cassie finally got everyone to get going. we decided to go to kansas' state capital. it is a very big building. it is the 3rd biggest state capital in the united states i think. the crew that were able to, decided to climb to the top of the capital. in case you didnt know, this building is very tall, i dont know exactly how tall but it is tall. you climb up these stairs to the top and they are soo scary! they are suspended and you are high up looking down on this dome made of glass. you get to the top and you go through this hatch and you are at the top. you can see the whole city of topeka. it was very neat and scary! that night we went to cici's pizza and we also bought a nintendo 64. (you will see the importance of this later)
tuesday- this day contained a lot of playing super smash bros on nintendo 64. when we were finally done, we drove an hour to kansas city to do go karts. it was really fun. i kept on running into my mom. after that we went to a barbeque place that was really yummy. then we went home and the gamers (me porter and justin) played some more super smash brothers until 3 am. (see what i mean, we were obsessed. people were getting tired of that game)
wed- new years eve was a day that was planned for playing games and eating which is basically what we did. of course we played super smash bros, but we also played other games. that night i went with porter and his friends to a hockey game. it was kinda weird cuz i was the only girl, and the other girls that were there didnt even pay attention to me. so i was stuck with the boys. when we got home we played trivial pursuit (love that game!). we just stayed up till 12 said happy 2009 and thats about it, not that special.
thursday- sleep in day of america as i say. darrens family had left early that moring so since we all were sleeping no one really told them good bye. later, me, tracie, mom, justin, and kayli went to payless to get some shoes. i couldnt find any i liked though. later, we drove to kansas city again. we went to this place called crown center. it is a big mall that has a nice hotel hooked onto hit. yea i said it a mall and nice hotel. i was in heaven! i want to stay there sooo bad! so when we got back to the car and started driving to a restaurant i felt sick. like stomach sick. i was dying, well not really but still. we got to the burger place and i laid down. i felt horrible. then i ran to the bathroom and threw up. i felt a little better after that. after everyone ate, we went to liberty jail. i stayed in the car and laid down cuz i wasnt feeling good. i was getting cold though so i went inside. it was a cool place and you could see where joseph smith actually was. after that we had to drop kayli off at the airport. i threw up again in a cup. sorry this is probly grossing you out. when we got home i threw up again, twice. we watched a movie then i was in bed.
friday- i woke up feeling better but my body was sore for some reason. we packed up our things, said bye to everyone, and left. this day was spent driving the whole time.
we arrived home at 3:30 in the morning. this time it took us 19 hours. 5 hours less than last time, not so bad.
well thats about it, it was a very fun trip! no snow though, i was hoping for that. anyways, i hope i didnt bore you all to death with this ultra long post. i'll post pics later.